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Swindon, Wiltshire
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Swindon, Wiltshire
01793 533 233

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The difference between a quality, professional window tint installation and a cheap one!

In the following few paragraphs we would like to introduce you to our Professional standard of service, highlighting the pride and passion we take in our procedures and practice.

We hope to give you a brief insight to help you make an educated decision when selecting a Swindon based Window Tinting Company and at the same time show you the labour saving shortcuts that our local self pro claimed alleged competitors consider to be professional.

Ferrari with tinted windows by Auto Asylum Swindon


We offer a Full Time dedicated, clean, bright air tight workshop which we have occupied since 2003 this is operated full time 6 days a week and manned by the business owners not employees.

The workshop environment is highly maintained as airborne dirt, dust & fibres are our professions worst enemy. What many people call “Bubbles” when referring to a bad window tint installation, this is in fact dirt trapped between the glass & the window film.

We also only ever have one car in the workshop at a time to avoid the risk of damage in a cramped workspace.

If you are going to invest hard earnt money in your pride & joy then we would urge you to take the time to visit the workshops of any service providers you are considering before you make a decision.

You will discover we are the ONLY Window Tinting Company in Swindon with the required environment to carry out the process correctly and this is absolutely crucial to obtain a good quality blemish free professional installation.

Auto Asylum Swindon Workshop

Roll Down Window Top Edges

Within our industry there are a number of different ways various companies like to complete the top edge of a roll down window. As follows:-

Micro Edge We consider this the best way to fit window film leaving a very small distance of 0.5mm (less than the thickness of your fingernail) between the inside edge of the Bevel and the film edge, achieving this requires making and fitting perfect templates which is another time consuming part of our process in comparison to others that use the filling method.

Micro Edge window film installation, the best way to fit tint film Correct installation method by Auto Asylum Swindon

Filed Edge All professional window films are 2 ply (2 pieces) so when applying some common sense you can understand that filling the window film on the top edge of the glass will weaken the bond and adhesion of both the layers of window film to itself and the glass, and therefore this method of installation will not offer longevity of service Shown in the picture is a window film installation using the filling method, this highlights the problem caused when the window film is filed on the top edge of the glass and sustains constant impact from the top of the door frame during daily use.

Filed edge window tint installation, highlighting the problems caused using this method Wrong Installation method

Day Light Gap No explanation necessary, it’s just wrong.

Daylight gap showing after a poor window tint installation Wrong Installation method
Daylight gap showing after a poor window tint installation Wrong Installation method

Door Trim Removal

To fit the window film template without obstruction it is necessary to remove the interior panel trim which gives access to remove the scrapper seal that sits on the inside edge at the top of the door .

The picture below shows a door panel completely removed to avoid damage to interior door release cables and wiring to the window switches and speakers built into the door.

Correctly removing the door trim for window tinting Correct Installation method

As you can see from this picture from a local company, not everybody is quite so caring, leaving your vehicle at risk of expensive repairs to broken wires and stretched cables.

Incorrectly removing the door trim for window tinting Wrong Installation method

The reason we take the time and trouble is to guarantee a long lasting fit by making sure the window film sits below the TWO seals and will not catch or snag in the future.

As you can see in Picture 1, the second seal is an inch below the first and this is the cause of the extra work required to do the job properly.

Correctly removing the door trim seal for window tinting Correct Installation method

The below shows an example of the end result of not doing so, this is a favourite technique of another company trading locally who don’t remove scrapper seals or door trims.

Not removing the door trim seal for window tinting causes the film to catch when opening the window Wrong Installation method

This also allows us to mask any vertical felt trims that the roll down windows travel in which are common on modern vehicles and these cause contamination allowing dirt (bubbles) to enter under the film if not properly sealed.

The quicker way to avoid masking and save time which is frequently used by other companies is absolutely brutal and they will burn the felt surface off the rubber seals using a heat gun to avoid the loose felt particles contaminating the installation.

Masking vertical felt trims Correct Installation method

During this process all the vehicles trim and fixings are safely kept in magnetic trays inside the vehicle, interior door panels that remain attached are covered to avoid any application solution dripping on Leather and Suede.

Seat covering when window tinting to protect from solution drips and spills Correct Installation method
Covering interior door trimss when window tinting to protect from solution drips and spills Correct Installation method

Rear Screens

We complete all rear screen window film templates in one piece of film ,which is the best way to guarantee no risk of future snagging or tearing while cleaning .As you can see from the pictures a multiple piece installation is also very unsightly from an inside view perspective.

Rear windows tinted a multiple parts, in strips! Incorrect Installation method
Rear windows tinted a multiple parts, in strips, showing joining lines! Incorrect Installation method

Quarter Light Windows in Rubber Seals

If your vehicle has these they are normally found in the back door next to the roll down windows and on many Japanese and German Vehicles they are fitted in rubber gaskets / seals.

When this is the case, the correct procedure to avoid contamination (Bubbles) is again another time consuming and costly exercise to remove these windows completely from the rubber retaining seals to enable the window film template to be fitted underneath the gasket, whilst crucially avoiding any unsightly daylight gaps after being refitted.

As a labour saving and short cut alternative, many companies will leave these pieces in the vehicle and trim the rubber seal inside to hide the film edge, this weakens the integrity of your vehicles structure, safety and security by allowing the glass to make contact with the metal runner bar during an impact leading to the glass breaking that much easier.

This method does save huge amounts of time and money but is wholly unacceptable when you consider many customers are looking to protect their rear seat occupants, children and pets.

As parents we say, whatever you do always ask the question as not all Window Tinting Companies take the same care.

start of process, removing door panel to enable access to rear quarter light fixings start of window tinting process
door panel removed Door panel removed
glass rear quarter window removed glass rear quarter window removed
glass quarter light removed before glass quarter light removed before
rear quarter window removed from trim before being tinted glass quarter light removed before
finished quarter light before being put back into rubber seal to avoid daylight gaps finished quarter light before being put back into rubber seal to avoid daylight gaps

Fixed windows

Some vehicles windows are fixed and held in place with Fasteners that pass through the glass to retain them, in this instance it is necessary to remove these pieces to enable the window film template to be cut and placed underneath the fasteners to avoid unsightly daylight gaps as shown in this picture.

Fixed rear windows showing a gap when not using a template! Incorrect Installation method

Templates and Patterns

With our huge collection of thousands of templates accumulated over decades covering every vehicle tinted in our workshop, we never need to cut film on your glass, This gives us more accuracy and removes the risk of causing damage to your vehicles glazing as all patterns are created off the vehicle and cut on our glass top work surfaces.

We have seen many customers with ruined glass caused by this problem and it’s impossible to rectify the very visible and unsightly damage caused by a knife, without costly replacement pieces.

Window Mounting Solution.

The product we use is specifically made for the application of window films to aid adhesive curing and long term adhesion. Tintslime is a window tint mounting & cleaning solution. We do not use household cleaning products

The benefits of using Tintslime in the application of window films are as follows:

  • A quicker film drying time.
  • It is free of particulates.
  • No harsh chemicals. (PH Neutral)
TintSlime, window tint film mounting and cleaning solution correct Installation method
washing up liquid, NOT to be used on instlling window films Incorrect Installation method

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

Anybody who has held a glass of tap water up to sunlight and witnessed the particles floating around will understand the need to filter water to avoid contamination, the calcium lumps in particular cause issues as they appear as very sharp solid rocks underneath the film with the abilty to puncture the product .

So inline with our ethos of doing everything properly we fitted the most suitable water purification system to suit our professional finish standards.

And we have the cleanest kettle around, detailed below is the description of filtration cycles required for a superior clean installation fluid.

1st stage micron polypropylene filter

Removes all particles above 5 micron from the water supply which includes metals and general water sediment.

2nd stage carbon water filter

Removes herbicides, pesticides, trihalomethanes, chlorine, organic chemicals, lead and aluminium.

3rd stage 1 micron polypropylene water filter  

Removes all particles above 1 micron from the water supply which also includes any remaining water sediment.

4th stage membrane with a 0.001m rating

This membrane creates the finest filtration as the treated water is forced through the membrane (minimum pressure 1 bar required to achieve this) and any un-pure water is discarded.  This is generally around 75 – 80%, allowing through just pure filtered water to enter the pressurised holding tank. Completely PH Neutral.

5th stage in-line activated carbon water filter 

This is the final stage of filtration. Once the tap is opened, the water goes through this final carbon water filter that effectively polishes the water prior to your consumption thereby creating the purest water that you are ever likely to taste.

Completely PH Neutral.

5-stage water filtration system

With our cleaning process, we use products that are specifically made for our industry and will not scratch or damage your glass. We only use single edge blades so damage will not occur to your glass.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the cheap price has been forgotten”

Vehicle Electronics

You probably won’t be aware that many modern vehicles as pictured here have multiple hidden locations behind the trim panels for housing fuses, relays and communication units for the many different components contained within today’s complex luxury cars featuring comforts we all take for granted.

We have heard many horror stories of failure on vehicle electronics due to ignorance and neglect during a window tint installation by an inexperienced window tinter.

Having decades of experience and in depth knowledge of new and older modern vehicles we are always conscious to take the time and care over waterproofing these important parts and modules. Some of these items can’t just be simply replaced as they require programming and coding to the vehicle by the Motor manufacturer’s Main Dealer and can be an expensive experience due to labour costs involved in using their specialised equipment.

car electrics and fuses

Now you are fully aware of how a professional window film installation should be completed, please feel free to use this information to form a check list as a benchmark. We believe the only way to get a competitive quotation is to know what you’re actually getting for your investment and it will become apparent during your investigations that local companies offering marginally cheaper quotes are obviously doing less but getting paid more for less labour and effort whilst neglecting attention to detail and correct professional procedures for a quality window film installation

Having been Swindon’s Premier Window Tinting specialist since 2003 serving all the local new vehicle dealers we have seen many companies come and go along with unhappy customer’s warranties, it’s also worth bearing in mind that removal costs of existing poorly installed window film are expensive due to the labour time involved.

Please think carefully and bear these stated facts in mind when shopping around for prices as we are not all the same, don’t be the next victim on our doorstep.

A good tinter isn’t cheap and a cheap tinter isn’t good!